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Gay for GA!

A retreat to nurse your crush on Gillian Anderson.

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A community for like minded females to share their lust/girl crushes for Gillian Anderson.

You don't have to be gay or bi to join, just as you don't have to be gay or bi to have a crush on Gillian!

Gillian Anderson is the talented and versatile actress you may know from Bleak House, The X-Files and The House of Mirth. For over a decade she has been a strong role model for women around the World, not only because of her talent, but thanks to her charisma, intelligence, kindness and beauty. It's inevitable that so many women have fallen for her charms!

This is the community to share your crush/lust/love for Gillian. You can talk openly here about your feelings without fear of people thinking you're a loon, or getting the wrong idea about you. You may post photos, clips, interviews and anything else you want here, stuff that makes you squee and go weak at the knees.

If you want to join the main (and best) Gillian community on LJ, I recommend gillianleigh, plus there is also gilly. This is a place for discussion that you perhaps wouldn't feel comfortable having in the main forums, it's in no way intended as a replacement or substitution.

There aren't strict rules here. Here are some guidleines though:

//No hardcore porn or offensive images.

//Any sexually graphic images or talk should be put behind a cut, and labelled NSFW/Not Safe For Work.

//Do not disrespect Gillian. Fantasising over her is one thing, but there is a line that can be crossed, so please don't be creepy!

//Please be respectful of other people's opinions and view points. I won't allow trolling and bashing here, neither of Gillian or other members.

//Use your judgement as to what is appropriate. In a community like this, it's inevitable that the discussion may become sexual, so if that offend you, you probably shouldn't join. This isn't the sole aim of the community, just be aware that the talk may go that way in some threads.

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The name of the community was inspired by an old Yahoo mailing group and I believe there was also a board called Gay4GA.

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